What is JITX?
JITX is an EDA tool that lets you write code like this:
inst PMIC : TPS65400(VOUT = [3.3 2.5 1.2 0.9] )
To design and route circuits like this:
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Customer Spotlight
Silicon Validation Board
Designed in JITX
OpenAI Rubiks Cube
Designed in JITX
High Speed BGA Auto-Fanout.
Designed in JITX
Legacy CAD Workflow
JITX Workflow
Optimization Redefined
Imagine being able to tweak a single parameter and watch as your board transforms to meet your most stringent requirements. JITX brings this flexibility to your fingertips, optimizing for cost, size, power consumption, and beyond with intelligent, automated rerouting.
Explore our open-source reference designs

IoT Sensing Widget Recipe

JITX empowers designers to optimize their PCB designs for critical metrics such as size, cost, and power consumption.

USB-C Cable Tester Recipe

This tutorial guides you in creating a USB-C cable testing PCB in JITX from the ground up. With step-by-step instructions, even individuals with no prior experience in JITX can learn to define hardware in software and generate a PCB using code.

Battery Charger + PSU Design Recipe

JITX code recipe for a PCB that charges a lithium polymer battery from a USB and regulates its voltage.
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