BQ2407 Battery Charger | Component Level Checks


Automation in JITX is backed up by detailed design checks that automate expert-level analysis on our generated designs. EEs write checks once, and then they're run every time the design is compiled - it's like doing a full schematic review every time you make a change to your board. This leads to easier, faster design changes and less wasted time and resources from ordering faulty boards.
The BQ2407 battery charger IC specifies in the datasheet that the EP and VSS pins need to be connected together for proper operation. With software-defined hardware, we can define this requirement in code by writing a check, and set the check to run every single time the component is used. We write this check once when the component is created, and now, every single time a designer uses that component, it will automatically check itself to to ensure that it's being used properly in the design.