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How to get started with JITX


Choose a design service

Work with us for a standalone project, or get a subscription for guaranteed availability and ongoing support.


A dedicated expert engineer designs your hardware

We boost the efficiency of our in-house engineers by using our automated design software. It means you get expert-quality boards faster and more affordably.


We fabricate, test, and deliver working boards

Our design automation runs all the way through manufacturing and test so we can deliver the most value and impact.

What we offer

It is hard to get custom electronics designed quickly and affordably. That's why we offer both standalone and ongoing subscription services, so you can get the support you need in the way that makes the most sense for your company.

We can offer more expert engineering at a lower price by augmenting ourselves with automated software. You will always have the benefit of an entire team of senior engineers designing your electronics.

Small Project

We can create high‑certainty designs fast.

$3k per design
Designed in 24 hours

Key components already chosen

Number of components < 50

Number of unique components < 20

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Number of pins < 250

Highest current net < 3A

Highest frequency < 500MHz

Total power < 20W

Standalone Project

You want electronics for an isolated project. Tell us what you want and we will design and deliver circuit boards that work - fast.

Access to expert design team

Turnkey Custom Hardware

Rapid design cycle

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Design Subscription

Instantly add electrical engineering support to any team. For half the price of a full-time engineer, you get the power of a full fast-moving design team.

Guaranteed availability

Ongoing design optimisation

Dedicated expert engineer

50% less than a
full-time engineer

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"JITX has been an invaluable partner in the development of our plasmonic sensors. Their expertise and attention to detail has allowed us to quickly iterate on concepts and test them with customers with the confidence that the hardware will always perform as needed. The boards they design consistently exceed our expectations."

Jeff Crosby

Founder & CTO, Picoyune

"JITX is a step above in terms of the level of documentation provided, speed of delivery, and responsiveness to any questions or concerns we had. We needed multiple complex designs prototyped quickly to test new features as part of an autonomous vehicle system. With JITX I know that I can easily dive into technical details of the design, which is perfect for our needs for an R&D product."

Issac Brown

Lead Hardware Engineer, Starsky Robotics

Startup JITX Uses AI to Automate Complex Circuit Board Design

"AI has the potential to take much of the dull complexity out of designing custom circuit boards."

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IEEE Spectrum

Automating Circuit Board Design

"Instead of manually drawing the shapes that make up the circuit, engineers would instead express the intended behaviour of their circuit using code, and then have algorithms automatically translate that code into the necessary copper shapes. This workflow is what makes possible the billion-transistor chips we see today. We bring the same workflow to PCB design."

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Y Combinator

Cool Tools: Deus Ex Autorouter

"The first thing you probably asked yourself when learning how to lay out PCBs was “can’t the computer do this?” But what if the autorouter was better? What if it was so far removed from the autorouter you know that it was something else? That’s the technology that JITX provides.

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"Using JITX was a great business decision for us. With the circuit board they designed we were able to get to market quickly with a differentiated product. JITX’s speed meant we could evaluate more product ideas, and keep our manufacturing agile."

Chris Prucha

Founder & CEO, Origin


Clean. Simple. Fast. Work directly with us to figure out the requirements and the best solution for your product. Think of us as an electrical engineering team you can run in the cloud.

Robotics & Automation

Get your hardware up and running faster with fewer bugs. We design complex control boards, motor controllers, power management boards, electronics for real time sensing and signal processing, and much more.

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Finish the last mile of integration without distracting your team. Let us design silicon validation boards, desktop test fixtures, reference designs, and integrate your chip with customer hardware.

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Connected Devices

Deploy your hardware faster and iterate more. We generate custom electronics for industrial monitoring, agtech, gateways, fleet management, edge computing, and connected devices.

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