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Unapologetically, recruiting differently! Refuting your prior experiences, we are guided by a principle, "Recruiting with Empathy". I am assembling a world class team boasting super powers beyond Electrical and Software Engineering that makes the JITX team extraordinary and ready for growth.

While other organizations are showing you that their recruiting process is broken, ours is nailed!  Our candidate experience boasts super powers poised for growth.  While getting the right hire is priority, our welcoming candidate experience means that we make the right impression on all candidates.

Anita Pagin
Head of People + Talent

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Our recruiting process

Talent vetting

Take home or collab exercise

Interview preparation conversation

Onsite interview with the founders

Meet & greet and offer readiness


The wonderful conversation: Offer

Seamless onboarding

Our recruiting process

Step 1

Talent vetting

Step 2

Take home or collaborative exercise

Step 3

Interview preparation conversation

Step 4

Onsite interview with the founders

Step 5

Team meet & greet and offer readiness

Step 6


Step 7

The wonderful conversation: Offer

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Seamless onboarding

Addressing an Unprecedented Problem

Great engineering must be packaged, marketed, and sold to someone to be useful.  JITX is the FIRST automated tool: We reduce errors, save time, and massively improve design quality.   Users are seeking a fully automated SaaS tool that can get designs all the way to the factory floor.  Customers value JITX twice as much as cumbersome legacy tools and workflows that often involve jotting notes by hand and unwieldy  spreadsheets. JITX, means Just In Time for everything.  A multi-sided market between designers and factories.

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World Class Team

Our talent bar means that your ambition knows no bounds - smart, creative problem solvers, but good humans, too. Imagine steep problems that are manageable because of the right team. You are no longer the smartest and most creative person -- instead everyone’s super powers are united towards a common purpose.

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The People Matter

While a remarkably smart team, we are united with a shared vision. We lead with an unusual amount of transparency and testing the ideas of what has been done.  Respect, trust and engagement is seen as a collective effort. Alone, we cannot change societal beliefs around work but collectively, we can create a JITX culture to create a happy, cohesive and inclusive environment. Colossal impact starts here.

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World‑Class Team

Feel at home with colleagues that have a proven track record for innovation.

Impactful Problems

Solve hard and interesting problems with huge impact.

Flexible Schedules

Balance your wellness and family while ensuring the job is done.

Join a Community

When together we stop work at the same time and share a meal. We value connection.

Mentoring and Teaching

We invest in growing our the capabilities of our team over time. Join us if you love learning.

Be an Owner

Think like a partner and own a piece of the vision. All full time JITX employees own equity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a background in electrical engineering or circuit boards?

While having domain expertise is a plus, many of us don’t have it and that’s fine.  Simply put, JITX is a software tool, so our team is primarily software engineers.  We have generalist electrical engineers to test, prioritize product features and onboard our users smoothly through the use of the tool to their specific workflow.As a new hire, you will build a hardware project and play in the JITX tool in your onboarding.   You will have access to terminology and learn the domain, just as many of us have done prior!

Who are the typical customers or users of JITX?

A typical user is a professional Electrical Engineer, from a design house, startup, or an Enterprise organization.  An educational tier allows students to utilize JITX in academic projects.   Their current tech stack include CAD tools such as KiCad, Altium, Mentor Graphics, OrCad, and more.  JITX integrates with popular CAD tools, flawlessly exporting and ensuring a smooth transition between tools.

What is missing from current CAD tools?

Traditional CAD tools on the market have not ensured designs to be error-free, and are not able to build meaningful automation. We make it possible for hardware engineers to write simple code that generates extremely complex designs automatically.  JITX rigorously checks for correctness, reducing the chances of costly mistakes.  JITX visualizes the design dynamically in real-time as user code transforms into real designs.

Is JITX hard to learn for a user?

A traditional Electrical Engineer is one that is familiar with Python, Matlab or embedded C.  With that background, JITX can be learned in an afternoon.  Plus our learning portal provides many resources, tutorials, and videos.  With JITX, we having a budding community of shared experiences, collaboration on best practices and staying in the forefront of design innovation led by our own experienced hardware team.  At JITX, we love feedback, especially from our users and from user research!!! It fuels our thought process in how we prioritize features.

What are the user problems that JITX is solving?

We are happy to showcase a few of the common challenges that an Electrical Engineer face:
Manually rearranging components on a PCB.  With JITX, the advanced automation algorithms remove the tedious manual rearrangements.  We automatically optimize board layouts, saving time.  Bonus: We have a growing open source component library that offers availability or alternatives to parts in real time.Maintaining signal integrity during design.  JITX ensures highest quality signals with built in signal integrity parameters and rules. Difficulty in reusing previous design elements.  JITX’s code based approach allows for reusability, easy refactor and generate new versions programmatically.

Rise to the challenge

Be part of our next chapter. We are looking for amazing people to join us at JITX.

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