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We invest in growing the capabilities of our team over time.
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A Company with Huge Impact

Bring forth a future of abundant, hyper-advanced hardware by helping engineers build better. We provide builders with the power of software-defined electronics so they can manage complexity, design intricate systems, and avoid critical errors.

Our founders Dr. Duncan Haldane, Dr. Patrick Li, and Dr. Jonathan Bachrach have been driven to create a company with impact - a company that will change the way hardware is designed forever and for the better.

Committed to Personal Growth

We are lifelong learners in pursuit of personal growth: Engineers, musicians, designers, and outdoors enthusiasts. We support each other and grow as we solve fascinating and deeply difficult problems.

We tackle traditional and deep learning algorithms, computational mathematics, and complex pin assignments in placement & routing. We are a culture of builders: Few meetings, light process overhead, ample collaboration, and endlessly fascinating problems to solve.

Software Eats Hardware

Behind the scenes, you might assume a very 2D array of pins and routes but with the JITX topological router, we are not using the traditional 90 or 45 degrees!

JITX has their own unique Tech Stack! The Stanza programming language was designed to help programmers tackle the complexity of architecting large programs and significantly increase the productivity of application programmers across the entire software development life cycle.

World‑Class Team

Feel at home with colleagues that have a proven track record for innovation.

Impactful Problems

Solve hard and interesting problems with huge impact.

Flexible Schedules

Balance your wellness and family while ensuring the job is done.

Join a Community

When together we stop work at the same time and share a meal. We value connection.

Mentoring and Teaching

We invest in growing our the capabilities of our team over time. Join us if you love learning.

Be an Owner

Think like a partner and own a piece of the vision. All full time JITX employees own equity.

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