USB Test Rig | System Level Checks


Automation in JITX is backed up by detailed design checks that automate expert-level analysis on our generated designs. EEs write checks once, and then they're run every time the design is compiled - it's like doing a full schematic review every time you make a change to your board. This leads to easier, faster design changes and less wasted time and resources from ordering faulty boards.
In the USB-C Cable Tester JITX Recipe, we have a circuit which is closed by the presence of an external connector. JITX has the ability to write all kinds of built-in connectivity and power checks, but these can only run if connectivity actually exists - which isn't the case with our USB cable. To solve this, we define 2 things - a USB cable module which creates a connection between any 2 USB ports (just like a real USB cable) and a higher level `test-rig` pcb-module that can be used for testing. The `test-rig` instantiates the main PCB and the USB cable module, and connects them together. Then, we run automated checks on the `test-rig`. Now, voltage can propagate along the test rig and power checks can run.