Our Vision

Our vision at JITX is to automate hardware design for the benefit of science and the welfare of humanity.

JITX is a team that is building next‑generation software to help companies design better electronics. Dedicated to solving difficult problems with huge impact, our first step is to automate circuit board design. We are a rapidly growing series-A startup, backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia.

Meet the Team

Duncan Haldane


Duncan started working on JITX because he wanted a better way to design robots. While he was at Berkeley he started collaborating with Jonathan on better design tools for origami robots. Duncan's work in robotics won him a best-paper award from the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems and a Guinness World Record. Since co-founding JITX he has been working on sales, marketing, strategy, fundraising and recruiting.

MS and PhD Mechanical Engineering - University of California, Berkeley
BS Mechanical Engineering - Florida State University

Jonathan Bachrach

Co-founder/Engineering Leader

Jonathan is the creative director of JITX working on amazing new algorithms for physical design automation, and planning out the future for long-term impact. He's a thought leader in design tools, with a 35-year-long track record. He led the Chisel project at UC Berkeley, and previously co-founded Other Lab. Research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 8 years, he has held postdocs as ICSI and Stanford, and was a researcher at IRCAM. He studied cognitive science, computer science, and visual arts.

MS and PhD Computer Science - University of Massachusetts at Amherst
BS Computer Science - University of California, San Diego

Patrick Li


Patrick is the CTO of JITX, building the backbone of our automated design software, and taking on some of our trickier algorithmic problems. He is the designer and implementer of the L.B. Stanza programming language, an optionally-typed general purpose programming language. He previously developed FIRRTL, the intermediate representation of Chisel3.

PhD Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley
MASc Machine Learning - University of Toronto
B.Eng Electrical Engineering - University of Calgary

Aaron Li

Senior Software Engineer

Aaron is a computer engineer who focuses on writing hardware-aware code which maximize performance. His past projects traverse the computer system hierarchy from SRAM chip design to an ML stereovision algorithm. At JITX, Aaron works on identifying and addressing inefficiencies in components throughout the JITX pipeline. In his free time, Aaron enjoys watching Netflix and playing tennis and basketball.

Carnegie Mellon University, MS Electrical & Computer Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University, BS Electrical & Computer Engineering, Minor in Computer Science

Aashna Parakh

Software Engineer

Aashna is a software engineer who gets excited to learn whatever new you throw at her. She aims at being able to use her creativity to demystify problems and help find sturdy solutions. She brings learnings from the audio software industry. When not in front of a screen, you will find her curled up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book, trying out a new recipe, or out enjoying the fresh air.

University of Texas - Dallas, MS Computer Science

Alan Zhu

Senior Software Engineer

Alan loves to wrestle with intricate and complex problems. He has a passion for utilizing technology to improve how the world works and how people live. Alan previously worked in the biotech space, automating robots to detect cancer and developing a bioinformatics platform for the FDA. When he's away from the keyboard, Alan loves to cook, run, play music, and occasionally geek out over pizza and coffee.

University of California, San Francisco, MS Biomedical Imaging,

Carnegie Mellon University, BS Computer Science,

Carnegie Mellon University, BS Electrical & Computer Engineering

Anita Pagin

Head of People + Talent

Anita is building a world class team and culture at JITX! Her expertise is building technical teams, intern programs, and recruiting processes. Anita was formerly with software and hardware integrated startup companies, such as Carbon and Meta. Outside of work, she is found hiking, swimming, cycling, and running.

San Jose State University, BS, Business, Human Resources Management

Ariel Hirschberg

Senior Software Engineer

Ariel is a software engineer at JITX, who loves diving into algorithms and language design. With his development of CAD importers and JITX language features, he is committed to seamless expression of hardware intentions through software. If Ariel is away from his desk, he's either out jump roping or observing the next caterpillar that crawled through his garden.

University of California, Berkeley, BA, Computer Science

Bhusan Gupta

Hardware Architect

Bhusan is a hardware architect at JITX with the responsibility of bridging the hardware/software divide. His broad background spanning IC chip design, PCB design, firmware, test and packaging provides him a unique perspective to improve the tools at JITX. When he isn't working, he enjoys running, biking, tennis, and fixing (mostly) broken things.

California Institute of Technology, MS & PhD Electrical Engineering,

University of California, Berkeley, BS Electrical Engineering,

Carl Allendorph

Senior Product Manager

Carl is an embedded systems engineer who excels at hardware, software, firmware, and everything in between. His experiences range from utility scale solar power to agricultural robotics. At JITx, he looks to breathe new life into the electronics design experience with advanced automation and machine learning.

California Institute of Technology, BS Electrical Engineering

Erwin Lau

Senior Software Engineer

Erwin is an industry veteran since the analog TV era and is passionate about everything related to STEM and startups. He worked in Embedded Systems, IPTV, and EdTech industries. Erwin enjoys reading, playing board games, hiking, and watching mind-bending mystery dramas.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, B.Sc., Electronics

Forrest Green

Senior Software Engineer

Forrest is passionate about learning and developing novel algorithms and turning those into robust and maintainable software. He’s previously worked on robot assistants for healthcare workers, developed CAD/CAM software, and done research on physical limits of computation. Outside of work, Forrest enjoys puzzles, games, reading sci fi, LEGO, and spending time with his family.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.Eng. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineer,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineer

Fredrik Alstromer

Senior Software Engineer

Fredrik dabbles in anything and everything technology related, has been around computers and programming his entire life, with one of the earliest memories being 'LOAD "Outrun",1,1'. He has experience with a broad range of industries, from telecom to cyber security, but never lost sight of game development and computer graphics.

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, MS in Engineering Physics

Jaskirat Mahal

Software Engineer

Jaskirat is a software engineer with a background in full stack and game engineering and a passion for creating fun interactive experiences. In his free time, Jaskirat is hiking, learning languages, making video games, and getting lost in classic rock.

Universität Klagenfurt, MS, Game Engineering

University of California, Berkeley, BS, Computer Science

Jason Watson

Senior Software Engineer

Jason is a software engineer at JITX focusing on DevOps and automation. He has been involved with several tech startups in the past and loves the culture of a great startup like JITX. He enjoys building things: from fully automated cloud computer systems to electronics to the zen of motorcycle maintenance. He volunteers at a local humane society and is both a cat and dog person.

Southern Polytechnic State University

BS, Computer Science

Kenneth Chang

Chief of Staff

Kenneth began his career in R&D as a microelectronics IC designer in analog and digital design, working at large and startup SoC semiconductor companies. He is an EDA veteran with leadership roles at Cadence, Synopsys, and Altair. Most recently, at Amazon Web Services (AWS), he led and helped software partners accelerate business development initiatives and revenue. Outside of work, Kenneth enjoys hiking, sports and teaching music.

Carleton University, B.Eng., Electrical Engineering

Liangfang Chao

Senior Software Engineer

Liangfang is attracted to intractable problems, which first led her into computer-aided design for VLSI circuits, with a scenic tour into civic issues on school curricula and urban development and now back into design automation for circuit boards. Liangfang is passionate in her volunteer work mentoring teenagers and young engineers to study and discover solutions to everyday problems.

Princeton University, MS & PhD Computer Science,

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, BS & MS Computer Engineering,

Philippe Ferreira De Sousa

Senior Software Engineer

Philippe formulates and solves optimization problems generating PCB schematics. Additionally, he sets up the product web interface and infrastructure. Philippe studied applied mathematics and previously developed chatbots for an AI company in Paris and software for an algorithmic trading company in Hong Kong. Philippe enjoys traveling and follows closely new advancements in tech, from electric vehicles to deep learning research.

University of California, Berkeley, Master of Engineering, MEng, Operations Research & FinTech

Ecoles des Ponts ParisTech, Masters Degree, Mathematics and Computer Science

Plasma S. Messick

Senior Software Engineer

Plasma is a recovering mathematician who is fascinated by the frothing boundary between deep theory and messy practicalities. His past research projects were in the theory of continuous-time computation, foundations of mathematics, and general-purpose programming language design. Outside of work he might be found at the climbing gym, on the hiking trail, or curled up with a good hard science fiction novel.

Cornell University, PhD, Mathematics

Cornell University, MS, Computer Science

University of Chicago, BS, Mathematics

Shantanu Agarwal

Software Engineer

Shantanu loves solving challenging technical problems. Before switching to software engineering, he did research in number theory. His mathematical training enables him to convert vague real world problems into precise abstract questions that can be solved using first principles. Outside of work, Shantanu enjoys tabletop and video games, reading, tennis and boxing. He also dabbles in making music and art.

University of Iowa, PhD, Mathematics

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Integrated M.Sc., Mathematics

Tristan Knoth

Senior Software Engineer

Tristan likes learning, teaching, and problem-solving. He has done academic research on the theory and practice of typed functional programming, with brief forays into high-performance computing. After work you can find him playing in the ocean or petting his cat.

UC San Diego, PhD and MS, Computer Science
Grinnell College, BA, Mathematics and Computer Science

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