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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the competitive advantage of JITX?

JITX reduces error, time and reuse, to enable better designs. The roadmap intends JITX to be a full stack, end to end software tool that users cannot live without. Electrical Engineers rely on paper, pencil, and a spreadsheet today. The potential upside for users is huge! Sales are inbound, seeking an automated SaaS tool that can get designs all the way to the factory floor. Users value JITX twice as much as legacy CAD tools.

Other CAD tools have yet to come through to better compete with an automated tool. User feedback indicates these are falling short.

Do I need to have a background in electrical engineering or circuit boards?

JITX is a software tool; our team is predominant in software. Our team generalist Electrical Engineers test product features and onboard our users. As a new hire, you will build a hardware project and play in the JITX tool in your onboarding.

Who are the typical customers or users of JITX?

We have three tiers: Educational, Professional, and Enterprise users. JITX enables students to reach new heights in academic projects. Professional users range from design house, startups or enterprise organizations as Electrical Engineers. Their current CAD tools are KiCad, Altium, Mentor Graphics, OrCad, and more. JITX supports import and export flows, ensuring a smooth transition between these popular tools.

What is missing from current CAD tools?

Traditional CAD tools have not ensured designs to be error-free. Powered by JITX; automating complex designs becomes possible by writing simple code. Rigorous checks for correctness can reduce the changes of costly mistakes. Real time visualization transforms user code into designs.

Is JITX hard to learn for a user?

With a background in Python, Electrical Engineers can learn JITX in an afternoon. Our learning portal provides resources, tutorials, and videos with a budding online community. Led by our team, users will be in the forefront of design innovation. Your feedback, especially those from user research fuels the thought process in features.

What are the user problems that JITX is solving?

A few common challenges Electrical Engineers face:

Manual arrangement of components on a PCB. The advanced automation of JITX algorithms remove the tedious manual rearrangements. Optimized boards save time to innovate.

Component availability in a single point open source access point. Users of JITX have access to a component library. Availability and alternatives are in real time.

Maintaining signal integrity during design. JITX ensures highest quality signals with built-in signal integrity parameters and rules.

Previous design elements lack programmability, limiting ability to reuse designs. Using JITX’s codebase supports reusability, easy refactors, and generating new versions.

What are the key challenges the company is facing?

Quite literally, we cannot build this extraordinary tool fast enough! This is an ambiguous space, that it has been hard to move as fast as we would have liked. We lean with a principled approach and it is more important to build it right. We cannot wait for every electrical engineer to feel the super power of JITX!

Why hasn’t anyone built this yet?

It turns out, these are super hard problems to solve! Ambitious problems! Each step of the process has been non-traditional. Novel algorithms have allowed us to break away from the "grid-like" Autorouter. Utilizing our own programming language has allowed us to reuse designs.

We tried traditional paths, we fell upon the same failures as those before us. We recognized that solving this problem took a non-traditional approach through testing. We are far enough along that we have confidence in our roadmap.

What does JITX stand for?

"Just In Time for everything"!

So that means that this software is automating all parts of the stack. Users will use our software in a way not done before with other tools. Type code, compile, design circuit boards, generate and verify schematics. Users will have accuracy through checks for the most common to hidden bottlenecks.

X stands for everything. The adjacencies in advanced package design will become possible. This will include chiplet interaction, wiring harness design, 3D assembly, and more! Scaling past circuit boards will create a multi-sided market. Automation of hardware design will make engineering much more exciting and steeped in innovation.

Why is it so important for JITX - NOW?

This is transformational technology. Decades of circuit board design are being changed when the industry is eager to ship products. A shrinking talent pool, as veteran Electrical Engineers retire. User research assures us that the knowledge is eager to be taught to early stage engineers. Early stage engineers are embracing software.

A board alone can take a team of expert engineers months to design. The industry cannot keep up with the changing talent pool and outdated tools.

How is AI used in JITX?


JITX turned hardware design into a coding problem. Users build libraries of reusable code that they draw generating designs. Our programming language draws and analyzes each design. The AI methods in code analyze and validate designs from the code written. Users automate their knowledge, magnifying their expertise to optimized designs. AI will continue to become useful to JITX, as we build nudges to learned behavior in the UI.

Utilizing JITX across the many functions allow for design reviews and collaborations.

Greater presence across the industry means JITX will become more useful and valuable.

How much interaction will I have with the founders?

Daily interaction, right alongside the founders. The founders have their hands deep in the architecture while they test our product. It’s hard to miss them!

What is the growth trajectory for this role?

While we are a flat organization, we hire each role to be a generalist that can flex and grow from within. Our future leaders will be amongst the early members of this team! Our 1:1s and performance conversations continue to inquire into career aspirations. Each person on the team is part of the plan for our future growth!

What tools and technologies are used?

We love polyglots! You will learn Stanza in your onboarding within 2 weeks.

We use traditional front-end technologies such as JavaScript, React, Redux, and VScode. C++ and Python libraries are also utilized. Slack and huddles for async communications along with HackMD, Github, Linear, and Figma. Common DevOps tools such as AWS, Conan will offer scale.

Why is Stanza so important to JITX?  Is Stanza hard to learn?

Stanza has moved muscle in building a proof-of-concept, performant, reliable product. Stanza mirrors the workflow of a Hardware Engineer, writing from prototype to production. Stanza is one super productive programming language eliminating this gap.

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How does JITX handle work-life balance?

Your life at JITX will be dynamic between periods of intense work and longer hours. With your own schedule, flexibility to reach your goals are set to your preferences. Your bias for speed, velocity, while navigating ambiguity requires planning. A hybrid environment allows for focused concentration on deliverables while offering collaboration.

What is the funding situation and runway?

Our founders have attracted investors such as Sequoia, Harpoon, and more. Your interview process will find transparent conversation reassuring you with stability.

What is the onboarding and training process like?

We begin our planning to welcome our newest member as soon as you sign the offer! Traditional elements of HR will be out of your sight immediately.

Day 1 - you will start contributing! Your first two weeks will rotate amongst peers. Your first deliverable will be with a buddy. A 30-60-90 day plan will be your Northstar to success allowing independence. You will gain weekly and monthly checkpoints in our feedback-positive environment.

What is a typical day at JITX like?

We come together for a 10am Stand-up meeting. While hybrid, our day to converge are Tuesdays for collaborations in our South Bay office. We ask that our new hires be in the office in a steady 3-4 days per week as they get underway. Your work division will be different, while everything is interconnected. You will rely on each other’s part through a variety of projects.

What is the performance evaluation process?

We celebrate you twice a year! Salary increases and / or equity are performance based. Our philosophy leads at the 75% of the pay range of your role and level. The real-time data in salary surveys follow by likewise funding. Your tracked progress is an ongoing transparent conversation with your leader. You will meet monthly with our people leader ensuring support needed to up-skill!

Is there equity or stock options available?

ISOs (Incentive Stock Options) at an exercise price come with certain tax advantages. With each role and level a range for equity is available. With a preference for more equity than salary, we adjust. Equity is also earned in future performance reviews.

What are the next steps in the interview process?

The talent vetting is a comprehensive 45-minute conversation. This combines what one expects in a Recruiting and Hiring Manager screen. This call will cover your motivations and pointed questions towards the role.

An engaging take-home assignment or collaboration exercise will result in the onsite. You will gain privacy, your preferred language and anticipate returned within 3 days. Weights will include your thought process, how you solve, test, and communicate. You gain a flavor of problems solved at JITX.

You will have the option of a preparation conversation. Your opportunity to put your best foot forward will be yours.

While most interviews end with a few moments for your questions. Our on-sites start with your Q&A with founders to break the ice for 30 minutes. No question is off limits - this is a chance to show you that we lead with transparency. You will dive into your solution and finish with behavioral questions.

Your Team Meet & Greet offers perspective into day to day interactions. Following, we get ready for the offer. Finalizing level, salary, equity and start date will ensure that you have no surprises. Learning from your references will help support you at JITX.

Your "wonderful conversation" with our CEO, Duncan will starting closing things up. A prompt, "YES - can't wait!" will emerge with no surprises. Our people leader, Anita, follows up with your official offer letter. Once signed, she kicks off the onboarding journey!

What are the benefits?

You will have access to a robust suite of benefits from Kaiser to Anthem PPO, Dental, Vision, 401k, FSA, and 3 weeks of PTO. An open enrollment and opportunity to add benefits will emerge each year.

How did the founders meet?

JITX is born and raised here in Silicon Valley!

It all started at University of California, Berkeley. While Jonathan was a Professor, Duncan and Patrick were pursuing their PhDs. Three different but collective backgrounds emerged to carry out a single mission.

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