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JITX operates in a unique domain and has unique challenges. We want you to succeed here, so we've arranged a host of resource here to help you prepare for your interview.

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JITX Overview

JITX emerged on the reality that all design tools are not very valuable and historically not great.  Our goal is to optimize design before it ships.  These days, there are component and chip shortages, people are rushing to get it out the door.Our software is automating all parts of the stack.  The end user will use our software to type code, compile, design circuit boards, generating and verifying schematic down to the copper.  Our software will check itself, providing accuracy, and providing checks for common bottlenecks.   Be sure to watch the demo of our Software.

The inspiration for JITX

It all started with a world record in robotics, a train ride from SF to Berkeley, and a hyper aggressive pogo stick robot called Salto-1P. Click below to learn about JITX's origin story.

How we hire

We believe that the first 100 hires are the most important for establishing the culture at a company. JITX is looking for a strong, diverse team that thrives on the joy of solving problems. We typically hire for software or hardware expertise.  Soon, we will be adding a Sales and Customer Success team. Click below to learn more about our interview process.

Understanding the problem space

For many of us joining JITX, we do not know the hardware and circuit board industry.Today, circuit boards are designed by hand. A board alone can take a team of expert engineers months to design.  Innovations are more complicated today, making circuit boards more complex.  Experts take decades to acquire the skills, technical intuition, and experience to design these boards and cannot keep up with the rapidly aging of the talent pool.  Teams are stretched by limitations of components, shipping, and increasingly understaffed talent pool.

A new paradigm

Stanza is a new optionally-typed general purpose programming language that increases the productivity of programmers across the entire software development life cycle.

Open Positions

We are always looking for problem solvers who want to make a difference.

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