Frequently Asked Questions

Duncan Haldane

How does this work?

We work with you directly to figure out the requirements and best solution for your product, then use our own tools to design the circuit board. We prototype it, test it, and then give you a full design package with functioning prototype, CAD files, documentation, and example code. Think of us as an electrical engineering team you can run in the cloud.

Are you just running an autorouter for us?

No. There are too many design considerations for an autorouter to work well: such as component placements, processor pin mapping, and power and signal integrity constraints. Instead, we augment our humandesigners with state-of-the-art A.I. tools to ensure we produce high quality boards.

What are the inputs to your PCB design service?

The input is a high-level system block diagram (which could be on the back of a napkin), and a description of the required functionality. We work with you to hammer out the details and then work your design through our tools.

What are the outputs of your PCB design service?

The design package we give you has native CAD files (KiCAD right now, we may write other exporters), Gerbers, Bill of materials, and datasheets for all components. We also prototype the design so another output is a functioning board.

Do you do any firmware writing in addition to board design?

Yes, we write the low-level device driver code along with example code showing how to operate all the peripherals on the PCB. With that, you can start coding your app right away.

Does JITX make the boards, or do we take the files to a third party to get them made?

We always make at least one board to validate and characterize the design. We also help you coordinate pilot manufacturing runs of 50-250 devices, and you can contact us if you need more than that.

When JITX designs my board, who owns the design?

Our customers always own their designs, and you are free to order more boards, inspect and modify the design, and generally do whatever you want with it.

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