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JITX makes it easier to invent electronics. 

Our future is one where inventors save lives with new medical devices, make roads safer with self driving cars, and perform dangerous or impossible tasks with robotics. That world remains beyond the horizon because invention is bottlenecked by circuit board design. We spend our time grinding out, reviewing, and revising low-level designs, because if we slip up and miss something, our hardware won’t work. Trivial mistakes halt development and kill companies. Design complexity is growing and we need to deliver on shorter schedules, but circuit board design isn’t keeping pace with the speed of our imagination and creativity.

Rather than manually drawing schematics and and reviewing layouts, JITX lets you write code to automatically generate and verify circuit board designs. 

Now we can bring all the power of software development to hardware design. Instead of a one-off schematic, or layout, or design review, we turn engineering knowledge into code that can be reused thousands of times without error, by anyone you choose to share it with. We can actually collaborate. Design reviews and checks are automated, so we always know if our design is going to work. We are freed from low-level details, so we can design faster, innovate on what matters, do our best work, and build things we didn’t dream were possible.

Located in Berkeley, CA, JITX is a profitable seed-stage startup, backed by Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator. We’re building the tool that engineers have wanted for a long time. Come help us do it!

The Role

We are looking for a compiler engineer to join our growing team. We have invented a programming language for electrical engineering (The embedded system intermediate representation - ESIR. It’s like the LLVM for hardware.). And we have built a compiler that turns user code written in ESIR into real, optimized hardware designs. The function of the compiler is quite different from a traditional one, but you’ll find the structure quite familiar.

As a compiler engineer, you would help us build and refine ESIR to make it a joy to use. Day to day, you would think hard about ESIR constructs, try to simplify them, try to generalize them, you would design and implement compiler passes, work with electrical engineers to make sure that ESIR can cleanly represent their designs, and work with algorithmics engineers to flow more design information through the compiler.

Here are some examples of things you would build with us:

  • Work with electrical engineers to design and refine new ESIR features.
  • Write compiler passes that implement these ESIR features.
  • Write passes that interface with CAD and simulation tools, such as SPICE, HFSS, etc..
  • Teach electrical engineers to express their problems and constraints cleanly within ESIR.
  • Add compiler passes and control flows for: Database integration, User-defined passes, Design-Space Exploration, Geometric Constraints, Iterative Design Flows

You would likely do well in this role if you:

  • Have written an interpreter before.
  • Have taken a PL class before.
  • Love programming languages and have learned a bunch of them.

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