Example designs

People have used JITX to design a wide variety of circuit boards. Here are some designs that we have permission to share (shareable projects are mostly skewed towards research applications).

Hazmat Sensor Dev Board

One of the first designs was a prototype instrument for a novel hazardous materials sensor, using a BeagleBone attached to custom signal driver and data interfaces.

Raspberry Pi Self-driving RC car HAT

Another simple design to allow a Raspberry Pi to control a 1/16 scale RC car using a camera and off-board servo motors. Board includes a high-side power switch and a high-quality 5V supply for the Raspberry Pi.

Self-driving truck Power Distribution board

A reliable power sensing and control board to manage the power rails for sensing, actuation, and compute in an autonomous truck.

Silicon validation Base board

A design with many finely adjustable, low noise power supplies and clock sources for testing novel integrated circuits. Included detailed voltage and current sensing for each rail.

Chiplet Silicon Validation Board

A desktop Silicon validation fixture to test a new process for integrating chiplets on a Silicon Interposer. Imported wirebond pinout and generated much of the design automatically. Included clock fanout for on/off board high-speed clocks.

Chiplet validation board - BGA Version

A similar design to the above validation board, but instead of having ~400 bond wires, this version has a 0.3mm pitch ~2500 pin BGA version of the device under test. ~5000 micro-vias were automatically generated in an inverted pyramid pattern to escape signals from the device.

nRF52 Sensor Board

A small board using an nRF528342 BLE SoC, that includes battery charging, an accelerometer and a 6-channel AFE.

BLDC Motor driver

A brushless motor driver using field-oriented control to squeeze the best performance out of CoTS torque-dense motors.

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