Are we compatible?

Some projects fit our strategy better than others. We take on projects that fit well with what our algorithms can handle, and projects that grow our capabilities in the right direction.

Technical Capabilities

We deliver circuit board designs fast, but not all projects are a good fit for our algorithms and verification equipment. We want high-impact projects that fit with the automation we’ve built (and push the envelope a little bit).

Great Fit

Less than 6 GHz signal bandwidth

Any amount of layers

Production volume < 250 units

Sensitive analog

Wireless (WiFi, BLE, LoRa, ...)

Silicon validation fixtures

Robotic systems

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Bad Fit

PCB layout only

1M+ production volume

PAM4 interfaces

Example Work

We have met a variety of different needs, here are some sample projects that we have done for our customers (disclosed with their permission). Each one has a price range and the time we took to complete it.

Power distribution board

30 power rails, individually sensed and controlled
High power routing
Electromechanical integration
Sensitive analog circuitry

Price < $10k
Similar Designs in 4 days

Industrial sensing prototype

Power regulation
Real-time control
Sensitive analog circuitry
Optimized component selection
Electromechanical integration
High-speed routing

Price < $3k
Similar Designs in 5 days

BLDC motor driver

Custom high-voltage switching regulators
High power routing
BLDC motor driver
Electromechanical integration
Sensitive analog circuitry
Price: < $10K
Similar Designs In: 6 days

Price < $10k
Similar Designs in 6 days



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